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Howl of Iron is a 3rd Person Action Adventure game blending HUNT & COMBATStalk on your unaware enemies, Fight in open combat and Explore the steampunk city of Steamfall.

We are in Steamfall, the city of steam, which is governed by a military dictatorship imposed by Red Gear, a former boiler repair and prosthesis creation company that ended up becoming the biggest link in society. This was caused by the appearance of a disease affecting the water, carbogenosis, causing revolts by the lowest stratum of society and leading to a civil war.In all this situation, we play as Vincent Volk, a reputed engineer and former Red Gear worker who lived a hard childhood and after suffering the loss of his loved ones, his wife and daughter due to carbogenosis, decides to completely dehumanize himself and transfer his consciousness to a mechanical werewolf with which to destroy everything that once harmed him, thus consummating his revenge.

Plataformas disponibles: PC
Idiomas: English
Género: Third-person action-adventure game

Howl of Iron

Un juego de Estudio 16Gears

Howl of Iron is developed by 16 students from a Masters degree based in Spain: 5 Programmers. 5 Artists and 6 Game Designers.
Podrás conocer al equipo de Estudio 16Gears en Guerrilla Game Festival 2022 el 1 y 2 de diciembre en el Campus del Videojuego de Madrid.