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Morkull Ragast's Rage is a 2D video game that combines platforms and action with some exploration bits.
You will control Morkull, the villain of the story, who knows that he is a character from a video game, of the existence of a player who controls him (that's you) and of some developers who have created him (that's us).
Your goal? Help Morkull escape the Ragast so he can rule
 and carry out his evil plans for the world.
Anyway, typical cliché villain...
Plataformas disponibles: PC
Idiomas: English and Spanish
Género: Acción y plataformas 2D

Morkull Ragast’s Rage

Un juego de Disaster Games

As a team we were born in 2019, studying together at the same superior video game studio, and the idea for Morkull was born there. In March 2020 we managed to win the event that was organized for the presentations of the projects and that is where our career as video game developers began. We have been learning about the industry together for 2 years, working as a team and in the last few months we have created the Morkull Ragast’s Rage demo. We are all very motivated as this is the job we want to dedicate ourselves to and despite the difficulties of undertaking in the industry, we continue to strive to achieve it.
Podrás conocer al equipo de Disaster Games en Guerrilla Game Festival 2022 el 1 y 2 de diciembre en el Campus del Videojuego de Madrid.