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The Fabulous Fear Machine is a narrative-driven strategy game with a pulp horror style. As the Machine’s new Master, you must sow fear and expand your influence by playing Legend cards, harvesting resources, dealing with events in the simulation, and spying on your enemies.

Plataformas disponibles: PC
Idiomas: English, Spanish
Género: Narrative-driven / Strategy

The Fabulous Fear Machine

Un juego de Fictiorama Studios

Fictiorama Studios is an indie game studio, developer of games like Do Not Feed Feed the Monkeys and Dead Synchronicity. The company was founded by 3 brothers (Mario, Alberto, and Luis Oliván) united by their devotion to narrative-driven games. In addition, two of the Oliván brothers are members of the alternative rock band Kovalski, which have performed the soundtrack for Fictiorama’s first game, Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today.
Podrás conocer al equipo de Fictiorama Studios en Guerrilla Game Festival 2022 el 1 y 2 de diciembre en el Campus del Videojuego de Madrid.